Saillant System Leading to FLOW

Breathing Coordination

A key ingredient to achieving the creative, musical “flow state”, is a relatively high level of competency. In the case of singers, the ability to allow these needed proficiencies to present as second nature is essential.  For singers, this means possessing  a number of specialized skills. One prong of Ms. Saillant’s six pronged developmental system, which she names The Saillant System or Operatic Photosynthesis, is that of being Harmonious With The Systems of Nature. The most important aspect of this prong is linked to BREATH or Breathing Coordination. Defined by Carl Stough, the individual who discovered it, as the natural way in which the body is meant to breathe, Breathing Coordination may be the single most important ability for all humans, not just singers.

In order for Breathing Coordination to exist in singing, meaning the singer never holds his’her breath, the body-mind connection of the singer must be in synergistic coordination, overseen by the reflexive action of the phrenic nerve.  For a singer, in addition to being able to spontaneously respond and self-organize onstage, as in swarm theory, through the unconscious consensus and self organizing principles of Ms. Saillant’s self discovery prototype, she/he is charged with the ability to respond reflexively in the execution of 7 functional pieces of articulation knowledge which assure the singer’s free flowing breath- all part of The Saillant System.

Ms. Saillant is one of a few disciples of Carl Stough who he personally named to continue his work, the only singer that The Stough Institute of Breathing Coordination sponsored in a New York City recital debut and the only Stough protegee to successfully enable a comatose individual to be able to be taken off of a ventilator, using The Principles of Breathing Coordination & remain, free breathing until their death 1 and 1/2 years later.  Ms. Saillant, who has worked with singers in these methodologies for more than 50 years, is uniquely qualified to deliver this specialized training. 

The School Figures of Singing

Unfortunately, many singers do not take the time to inform their bodies of this important information, nor do they practice the execution of these small muscle group, detailed forms of information, which Karen calls “The School Figures of Singing”, in order for these activities to become reflexive.  

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There are 9 functional pieces of articulation knowledge which assure the singer’s free flowing breath- all part of The Saillant System.

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Once you have all of this information (and it has been absorbed into your body so that you can share it as second nature-meaning without conscious thought) your singing will be ready to enter into flow and thereby ready to enable your audience to experience that same state of higher consciousness.