Adagio in Action (videos)

Moderate Flow Rate, Classical Music

This video shows the Adagio flowing with the Andante movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21.  It is considered a “moderate” or average flow rate (rotation speed):  

Slow Flow Rate, Classical Music

Fast Flow Rate, Jazz

Here is a good music example of a piece with a rapid rotation rate, written by Gil Evans and performed by Miles Davis. It has a rotation speed of a revolution every 40″, or a sprightly 1.5 RPM!

Fast Flow Rate, Rap

Here is a nicely flowing rap piece by Snoop Dogg.  

Not ALL "Music" Has FLOW!   

If we accept the premise that music must contain the forth element, “flow”, then if it does not have flow is it “music”, or is it just “organized sound”??  Here are some examples of “music” that do not seem to have any flow at all.  The lack of flow might be attributed to the composer, but also might be attributed to the particular rendition/performance by the performer/conductor.   Because it has no flow, it isn’t possible to overlay the Adagio Flow Machine over the video as we did in previous examples since there is nothing tangible to use for flow timing. 

George Crumb, Black Angels – Ensemble intercontemporain

John Cage: Music of Changes (1951)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Telemusik (1966)